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Books Coffee with Cleo and Lessons from Our Mothers and Fathers


“After reading Cleo’s first book, Coffee with Cleo, I was very excited to hear of his upcoming book! The first book was a powerful handbook (for life) that I’ll refer to over and over again. It was that good. Then after receiving the pre-publication Lessons from Our Mothers and Fathers, it was like a shared experience of wisdom through the eyes of many people! Even though his books are targeted to Business/Economics/Leadership, they both are filled with great information for anyone.”

— Jim Tillman, creative writer at Sioux City African-American History Publisher

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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Cleo Franklin
Founder, President & CEO

I bring over 30 years of expertise in designing, developing, and delivering game-changing and award-winning business growth strategies for start-ups, non-profits, and multi-million dollar businesses across many sectors and global markets. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. 

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A few years ago, Cleo Franklin gave an interview where he described the differentiating qualities of the Mahindra brand as passionate, authentic and connected. I think the same three words also describe everything that Cleo stands for. He is deeply connected with his customers, his dealers, and with the organization. He is one of the most authentic people I know. And his passion for the idea of Rise has helped to shape our aspiration to be among the most respected brands in the world. One might almost say that Cleo has helped to build the brand in his own image. 

During his tenure , Mahindra Agriculture North America has grown from a new kid on the block to a major contender, and Cleo has played  a significant  role in getting there.

Anand Mahindra

Chairman of Mahindra

Our agency has been a key, strategic marketing partner with Mahindra NA for over 8 years and as such, I have had the privilege of personally working closely with Cleo on many and varied projects. Cleo’s energy and vision knows no bounds. Additionally, he offers a rare and unique combination of drive and passion combined with approachability and kindness. Cleo believes in the power of people and interpersonal relationships. He rarely ends a conversation without a word of appreciation, positivity, or motivation. 

He presents his vision and expectations clearly and concisely, and always makes himself available for a phone call, meeting, or piece of advice if needed … a very rare trait in our increasingly digital world. Yet at the same time, Cleo has the experience and wisdom to know when to step back and entrust his team to get their job done. Cleo encourages and supports his employees, partners and colleagues with strong yet positive leadership skills, which drives their best performance. Simply put, people truly WANT to perform well for Cleo, hence … he achieves results. 

Amy Leveridge

President at Mediaworks Marketing, Inc

I had the pleasure of working with Cleo on one of the most successful multi-year marketing campaigns I have personally witnessed in some 33+ years of broadcast sales. It was through this partnership that Mahindra grew from #8 in market share to #3 and has held this position for many years. 

Cleo’s strategic mindset allowed this game-changing marketing platform to move forward consistently enabling Mahindra to become a leader in it’s category.

Gregg Bonner

Vice President at Network Sales

Cleo is an amazing human being! His combination of talents—honesty, integrity, humility, humor, and genius are just incredible. He knows so much about business and life, and dispenses advice just perfectly. He is a great entrepreneur, business leader and teacher. I am convinced that he will continue to rise as a thought leader who has great impact. Cleo is an exciting person to work with, filled with new ideas, tested solutions and a real ground breaking thinker with energy for three. I have never worked with an executive who is more “on-point” than Cleo. If he gives you a call, answer it; he is a treat and will give it to you “straight,” with his laser beam focus leadership delivered with charm and understanding. He is about sharing his many lessons with new generation of leaders who want to make the world a better place.

Fred Lange

Founder & President of HR Architect


The Power of a "Beginner’s Mindset"

“If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.” – Shunryu Suzuki

In my book, “Coffee With Cleo” and my new book coming soon, “Lessons Learned from our Mothers and Fathers”, I discuss the power of perspective, how it informs us, shapes our world view, and drives our decision making…as perspective is and always will be the difference-maker for success in our livelihoods and our lives. (Click here to read full article)

The Power of Patience...

“A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.” – George Savile

It’s confession time, and I am ready to share a truth about me that some people may not be aware of. However, those who do know me well, may find this revelation as no big surprise of  what I am about to disclose to the world and many readers of this book. I have many admirable qualities (or at least I have been told); however, there is one area I have been challenged with, and the truth is, I struggle mightily with patience. (Click here to read full article)

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Invest in the future by preparing the next generation of leaders!

The Morningside College Franklin Leadership Foundation is a social non-profit platform that focuses on preparing students today to become the next generation of future leaders, by providing them the opportunity to engage with successful global business leaders to help them develop a career path with passion and purpose through mentorships, scholarships, internships, and, externships. The Foundation brings together multiple leadership & career development resources for students, businesses and nonprofit community entities through a dynamic and customized platform to engage, collaborate and partner with talent development, sharing and acquisition..


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Founder, President & CEO
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